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Super Bowl prop bets for next Sunday are also available on the coin toss. With a 50/50 chance of the coin toss going either way, both heads and tails sport minus-105 odds. However, tails has prevailed in four of the past five years, with the AFC team emerging as Super Bowl champions in three of […]

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When things go wrong in those games, and chances are they will, the 49ers seem to have reached a point where they aren’t dwelling on their mistakes. Some of that can be attributed to a team that’s starting to sale nfl jerseys learn how to win, and some of it can be credited to the […]

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Instead, I’ll just remind you that it’s basically always a mistake to draft a player at a spot in which he can’t possibly deliver a profit without producing an all-time outlier season. We just had this conversation a few weeks back. Even if you believe Mahomes is the greatest quarterback the ncaa has yet seen, […]